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Business and Nonprofit Formation

In the US, a business can be formed in many different ways, with the most common being a sole proprietorship, where a business is owned and run by an individual. There is also a Partnership (formed by at least 2 and more individuals), a Corporation, as well as a Limited Liability company, all of which can be formed properly with due care and consideration by our experienced staff.

Registered Agent

Having a Registered Agent (RA) necessary requirement for each business in the US. The RA is the one that receives crucial legal and other documents on behalf of your business. We are fully equipped to become the trusted RA on behalf of your organization and meet your legal needs thoroughly.

Virtual Office Services

We look forward to setting up a quick business front, acting as an agent and office for you. Our company will receive documents on behalf of your company, analyze them, sort them, and make sure any necessary action is taken. We open the documents received at the address, securely delete junk mails and upload only relevant copies to your account.

Corporate Compliance

Legal compliance is the essential to a successful business. To ensure the client is satisfied with our services, we keep our business efficient with any regulations, up to date with all industry changes, and we provide an excellent solution to our client. We look forward to handling all the loopholes that your business may face while handling bookkeeping, taxation, and financial services.


Bookkeeping requires quality and accuracy! Our team of well-trained bookkeeping accountants ensure all your specific needs are catered to in a way that is efficient and that meets our quality standards. Our Bookkeeping services include everything from Quick Book setup, training, accounts receivable to reports, accounts payable, and more.

Payroll Processing

Payroll is one of the integral parts of Human Resources management. It is a time-consuming Process, therefore outsourcing the entire payroll management seems is a better alternative to handling it yourself. We make sure your employees get the right salary, bonuses, commission, reimbursement on-time along with any necessary deduction on all the various taxes such as FICA. Our payroll plan can be customized entirely to your needs and expectations.

Advanced Tax Planning

Effective tax planning enhances the financial success of any business. Value Tax Services can assist you in making business decisions with tested financial wisdom. With advanced tax planning, we also are able to reduce your tax bills. Our team prepares an exceptional tax return, filing with accurate and timely assistance. We work closely to understand your business and individual needs, keeping our firm up to date with the changes in the different taxation laws and regulations, in order to make the most rational decision for your business.

Corporate Taxation

We have ample experience in providing diversified corporate sectors with relevant taxation services. Our services are of use to business of all kinds and sizes, from locally-owned organizations to small companies, medium scale organizations, and Multinational corporations. We provide comprehensive tax planning and services that include, Sales tax return, Corporate returns, payroll tax return, Partnership return, Tax differences, and more

Business Valuation

An appropriate startup valuation helps your business in determining its real financial worth. We use numerous modern tools and models that include asset analysis, reverse cash flow, market capitalization, income multiples, and so on in order to analyze the real worth of your business and its assets.