Advanced tax planning

Advanced tax planning is a necessary strategy for any small business owner. We ensure to keep you updated with the latest changes and trends in the law, and we will use it to benefit you. Tax planning is important for financial success, and thus we provide you with timely suggestions and a financial plan so your business can thrive.

Nanny Tax Compliance

Finding the right nanny isn’t the only task for a parent to handle. Handling your nanny’s payroll is equally important and cannot be ignored. Paying “under the table” and ignoring the taxes is not legal, so we enable you to comply with the law and ensure that a smooth payroll is maintained.

FBAR Compliance

FBAR compliance is in the best interest of anyone who has a financial interest in and signature authority over foreign financial accounts. With our services, we won’t let you fall into the trap of penalties and civil complications, instead ensuring that timely FBAR filing is done each year.

IRS Amnesty Program

We are able to handle the secured closure of your undisclosed foreign account without having to face any sort of challenges and difficulties legally. Value Tax Services ensures you are provided with in-depth guidance about the tax code which applies to all the residents of the US. You will be guaranteed peace of mind with total compliance, proper consultation, reduction in the FBAR penalties, and much more.

1031 Exchange

With the 1031 exchange, you are allowed to avoid paying any sort of capital gains taxes when you wish to sell a property that you’ve invested in. Furthermore, we enable you to reinvest the proceeds with tax benefits within a certain timeline in a property of equal value.

Business Funding

Looking to elevate your small-scale business? We have been helping businesses make the appropriate decisions, sense opportunities, and acquire funding options, all of which can help the business attain a working capital that adds to the success and efficiency of your small-scale business.

Indian Tax Return Filing

When it comes to tax filing, we act as a one-stop solution, taking care of almost everything with the help of our trained and effective staff. Our services include preparing a tax return, applying systematic tax planning strategies, E-filing & Paper filing taxes, tax representation, etc.

Corporate Compliance

Complying with legislation, keeping you updated with the industry, and providing you with excellent service is our main agenda. We ensure that our knowledgeable and trained staff are provided to your business for bookkeeping, taxation, financial advisory, and investigation, so you are able to handle any loopholes.

Strategic Tax Advisory and Planning

Your needs are heard, understood, and taken care of by our talented tax planners. We know your requirements and provide you with the best recommendation that works in your favor. We also ensure that our charges for tax consultancies are transparent and fair to you.

ITIN Preparation

Our offices ensure the ITIN process for your business is made less complicated for you, as we provide you with help in applying for it. If you are a resident or a resident individual needing an Identification number for tax purposes but you don’t have a Social Security Number, we can help you.

US Income Tax Return

We are a professional tax and business consultant, governed by experts who are well versed and knowledgeable in the field of taxation. We can cater to your needs by fulfilling your request and providing efficient methods for tax preparation, filing, advice, planning, etc.

TAX Preparation and Filing

Planning and filing your tax can be extremely time-consuming. We will let you focus on your important business work, while we handle your tax process. We will take care of your Tax preparation and filing, ensuring the quality assurance process takes place with multiple reviews for your tax return.